Days 29 – 33

I can’t believe I have to say this already, but today is my last full day in Prague! ūüė¶ I can’t believe that it’s already almost time for me to leave!

This last week has been busy, but great! On Monday morning, I went souvenir shopping and bought some beautiful Czech garnet jewelry. After getting a quick lunch and some coffee, I went to my class where we had a review for our final. For our field trip, we went back up to the Prague Castle to review the different types of architecture we could find there! On Monday evening, we went to an international French Market, where we got dinner, listened to live music, and did a wine tasting! We spent the rest of the night walking around the city along the water and taking in the sights.

I had my class first thing on Tuesday morning, where we went to an art gallery containing Alfons Mucha’s masterpiece of¬†The Slav Epic.¬†This is a series of twenty enormous paintings (they were floor-to-ceiling height!) that depicted the history of the Slavic people. It was an incredible exhibit, and probably my favorite art installation that I saw while in Prague. We then went and toured the St. Vitus Cathedral, the enormous towering Gothic cathedral at the top of Prague Castle. The interior was absolutely stunning, and our professor taught us a lot about the different nobles and saints who are buried there. After class on Tuesday, we went up to a beautiful hilltop park, where I spent the afternoon reading and relaxing! We then got dinner at a great restaurant near¬†Prague Castle.

On Wednesday morning, my roommate and I went and explored a Baroque palace called Troja Palace, which was located in the outskirts of the city. This palace was amazing, with enormous gardens and fountains, its own vineyard, a hedge maze, and an art exhibition! The interior of the palace was painted with huge frescoes that covered all of the walls and ceilings. We even got to see part of a movie being filmed outside the palace! I had my final exam on Wednesday afternoon, which was fairly difficult but I think it went well overall! After class, we got dinner in a Czech restaurant, and celebrated the end of summer classes by going to listen to live music at a jazz club!

Yesterday, I went and got breakfast at a great café, and then went with a friend to get Thai massages! I had been so sore from walking around so much for the past month, so the massage was a great way to start decompressing. We met up with our whole group for coffee and dessert at a famous café called Café Savoy, where the famous writer Franz Kafka used to frequent! After that, we spent some time at a free music festival in the Old Town Square before going to a farewell party from our university. It was a great night, but it was sad to say goodbye to our professors and the other students that we met!

This morning, I finally started packing and getting ready for my flight tomorrow. Around noon, I went with a small group of people to lunch in a beer garden located in Letna Park, my favorite park in Prague! We spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing in the park, reading and enjoying the view over the whole city. Tonight, we are getting one more traditional Czech meal at a restaurant near our dorm, and then spending the rest of our time exploring the area of the city near our dorm.

Tomorrow, I’ll be flying from Prague to London in the early afternoon, and then London to Boston in the evening. But until then, I’ll be trying to make the most of my remaining time in Prague!


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