Days 22 – 25

Hello again, everyone! Sorry it’s been so long since my last post—it was a very busy week!

On Monday morning, a few friends and I went to explore an amazing hilltop park called Letná Park. It was so much fun—the park was enormous, and had gorgeous views of the whole city! I then had class in the afternoon, and we took a field trip to the Jewish Quarter of Prague. We toured the Jewish Museum, which included several different synagogues and the Jewish Cemetery. In the evening we went to a Chinese restaurant for dinner, and later we went out to listen to live music at a jazz club!

On Tuesday, I had my class in the morning. We talked about Baroque art and architecture, and our field trip was to a gorgeous baroque cathedral. It was absolutely stunning, and I was especially excited because two of my favorite composers (Mozart and Haydn) had both performed there! After class I went to an art museum about Alfons Mucha, an incredible art nouveau artist who is from the Czech Republic. In the afternoon, we went to a really interesting café called Grand Café Orient. It’s one of Prague’s most famous cafés, and was unique because it was completely decorated in cubist and Art Deco styles! After getting coffee and cake there, we went and explored an area farther out of the city center called Zizkov. It was much less touristy than the city center of Prague, so it was nice to see a more “local” part of the city! After walking around and shopping for a while, we got dinner and drinks in a traditional Czech restaurant.

On Wednesday, my roommate and I went to another one of Prague’s most famous cafés for breakfast, the Café Louvre. This café has been around since 1902, and used to be the favorite café of Franz Kafka and Albert Einstein! I then went shopping for a while before my class. In class, we had a short midterm and then went to a modern art gallery! The gallery was enormous—it took up six entire floors of an old steel factory! We got to see all kinds of art, spanning from Picasso and Gaugin to works by Czech artists and sculptors. After we got back from the museum, I grabbed a quick dinner and went to a really cool show called a “fountain ballet”. Basically, it was a combination between a ballet, a light show, and a water show that was coordinated with the music! It was amazing, and definitely unlike any show I had ever seen before. After the show was over, we went to a restaurant downtown to get drinks and watch one of the World Cup games.

Thursday was another great day—we went to the zoo in the morning! The Prague Zoo is absolutely the coolest zoo I have ever been in. It was enormous—I spent almost three hours there and still didn’t get to see anything! The exhibits are so much more open than the ones in the states, and I was able to get so close to the animals! After spending the morning and afternoon at the zoo, I went back to the dorm to get some schoolwork done. Later on Thursday night, we went on a Prague Ghosts and Legends tour around the city! Our tour guide took us to a bunch of different buildings and told us all about the legends, both traditional and more modern, that exist about the city.

I’m in Poland for the weekend right now, so I will give you another update once I’m back in Prague!


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