Days 15 – 18

So it’s already the end of another week of classes—I cant believe that my study abroad experience is already halfway over!

On Monday morning, I went on a hike to a nature reserve right outside of the city, where we hiked up to the top of a cliff and ate breakfast while looking out over the city! I spent the rest of the later morning and early afternoon exploring, and found a great bookstore and café! I then had my class, where we learned about Renaissance art and architecture. For our field trip, we went to the Wallenstein Palace gardens, which are located just below Prague Castle. They were absolutely stunning—with bronze statues and fountains, gorgeous flowers, and even live peacocks! We also went to another beautiful Renaissance garden, but unfortunately it started to thunderstorm so we couldn’t stay there for very long!

On Tuesday, I had my class all morning, where we took a field trip to Queen Anne’s summer palace, a beautiful renaissance palace, and then to an exhibit on Renaissance art in the National Gallery. While we were at the National Gallery, we learned that our professor is actually the curator of the exhibit we visited, and that he has written several books on the paintings in the exhibit! The museum was amazing—Renaissance art is definitely my favorite style of art that we’ve studied so far. After my class, I went with a few friends to the Franz Kafka museum, which was really interesting! In the evening, I actually met up with one of my favorite professors from UNH, who was in Prague for a conference! We spent some time walking around the city and exploring Prague Castle, and then got dinner at a traditional Czech restaurant. We also walked across the Charles Bridge and listened to some live music that was playing!

I went to the Kampa Museum, which is a modern art gallery, on Wednesday morning. It was really interesting—most of the works featured were by Czech artists! I then got some coffee and read by the river for a while until the early afternoon, when I met up with a bunch of people to get lunch. After lunch, we went back to the Renaissance garden that I had visited for class but hadn’t gotten a chance to explore because of the thunderstorm! The garden was gorgeous—it was an Italian style terraced garden, meaning that it has several different levels. At the very top level there was a tower that you could climb up, with amazing views at the top of the whole city! We even got to see a wedding that was happening in the lowest tier of the gardens! I then had my class in the afternoon, where we went to another art museum, but this time one that featured Baroque art. After class we got dinner at a delicious Italian restaurant, and spent the evening walking around the city!

This morning, I went and did laundry at a really cool little laundromat! I then met up with my roommate to get some lunch at an outdoor garden café near our school. After lunch, we ended up going paddle boating on the Vltava River! It was an absolutely gorgeous day outside, so it was the perfect day to be out on the water. It was awesome to see all the different buildings and monuments from on the river! Then this evening, we went on an “Alternative Prague” tour that was really interesting—it was led by a homeless person! The tour was set up by an organization to provide jobs for people living on the streets, and to raise awareness about homelessness in Prague. It definitely gave me a new perspective on the city!

Tomorrow morning, we leave for Vienna for the weekend. I’m looking forward to telling you all about it! ☺


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