Days 9 – 11

Hello again, everyone! I’ve just finished up my first week of classes, which is hard to believe. On Tuesday, I had my Art and Architecture class in the morning, where we walked to the historical Prague Town Hall and got to see how the Astronomical Clock Tower works from the inside (fun fact– most of the wheels and gears that work the clock tower are the original ones from 1490!) Then I had another class about the literary and cultural history of the city. I liked the topic, but I actually ended up dropping the class– the courseload was really intense, and I decided that since it wasn’t going to transfer back for credit anyway (only my art class will count for UNH credit, I had signed up for the other one just for fun) I would rather spend my time here exploring the city! So, the nice thing is that I now only have my art class on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, so I have all day on Thursdays free! On Tuesday night, we went to a really cute little bookstore, and then to the John Lennon wall! New people paint on the wall every day, so it’s never the same. After that, we went and got traditional Czech food and listened to the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra play an outdoor concert up at Prague Castle!

Wednesday was the first rainy day we’ve had so far. In the morning, a group of us went to the Museum of Communism, which was really interesting! I then had my art class, where we went on a field trip to a 12th century monastery that was converted into a Medieval art exhibit. The combination of the beautiful monastery building and the works of art made it truly amazing! Luckily, it wasn’t raining too hard when we had to walk to the monastery. Earlier in the day, it started downpouring on us and we had to run to get under cover!

Today was my first totally free day, which was really nice. I met my roommate downtown after her morning class and we had a great day exploring the city! We walked along the Vltava river for a while, and ended up in a really cool park on an island in the river! We then rode a funicular (which was kind of like a cable car) to the top of Petřin Hill, another huge park that has a lookout tower that is a small-scale replica of the Eiffel Tower! We climbed all the way to the top of the tower (which was almost 300 stairs!) and got to see amazing aerial views of the entire city. It definitely made the huge climb up the tower worth it! After we left the park, we got lunch in the New Town Square, where we got to see a military ceremony– we weren’t sure exactly what it was, but the military band was playing and several different groups of soldiers in uniform marched!

Tomorrow morning, I leave for Berlin for the weekend! We have tons of different things planned, so it’s definitely going to be a busy weekend. But I can’t wait! 🙂


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