Days 7 and 8

Wow– I can’t believe I’ve already been abroad for a week! Time has definitely flown by so far!!

Yesterday was a very relaxing day, which was great! I went downtown in the morning to a café with a couple of friends, where we got breakfast and coffee and then went shopping for a while. We all then went on a trip to a nature reserve in the outskirts of Prague called Divoká Sárka, where we spent the afternoon hiking! It was absolutely beautiful, with a forest, a small river, huge green fields, and a little mountain that we climbed. Views from the top were amazing! After we got back from hiking, we went to a Thai restaurant for dinner, and ended the day at a music festival in Wenceslas Square. I love how there is always some sort of live music going on– so far, I’ve been to three different music festivals!

Today was my first day of class! The two classes I’m taking are called Czech Art and Architecture, and Reading Prague: Literature, Architecture, and Cultural History. Today I only had my art class in the afternoon, so I spent the morning in a café with my roommate! My class was so much fun– I can already tell that I’m going to love it! We spent the first half of the class in a lecture, learning about the history of Prague and about the different styles of architecture that can be found in the city (including Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque). We then spent the second half of class walking around the Old Town Square, which dates back all the way to the mid-9th century! Our professor taught us a lot about why the different time periods had different architectural styles– for example, Gothic buildings have smaller, partitioned windows because it was hard in that time to make large sheets of glass, or to repair large window panes. We even saw a Renaissance building with original 16th century fresco paintings on the outside! Every class is going to have a field trip to a different part of the city, so I already can’t wait for my next class. After class was over, I went grocery shopping to get some food for breakfast since I have an early class tomorrow. And then we grabbed slices of pizza for dinner, and ate in the park outside our dorm!

Tomorrow I have both of my classes, but I’ll be finished in the afternoon with plenty of free time to explore the city. I’ll give you another update soon! 🙂


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